Physical Therapy Services

Direct one on one care, in a private setting. 

Physical Therapy  services

Manual therapy and targeted rehab

TheraFit recognizes that Pilates based  movement sessions may not be enough to address a person’s needs when it comes to pain/injury, limited movement patterns, specific functional limitations, or other sensitive subjects such as pelvic health.  

TheraFit offers Cash-Pay Physical Therapy services.   TheraFit does not accept any form(s) of insurance.  As a result, PT services can be provided at a lower rate.  This is most ideal for those with high deductibles and /or no insurance.   Those with FSA/HSA plans can be provided a form to submit to be reimbursed, but there is no guarantee for reimbursement as each company has their own policies. 

Physical Therapy will be provided in a private setting, with direct one-on-one care.  Lisa Kolesar has been a licensed Physical Therapist since 2005 and is a licensed Athletic Trainer.  She has also taken advanced training in orthopedics, pelvic floor rehabilitation and functional manual therapy.  Lisa has a long history of successfully helping individuals with chronic pain.  She wants to empower her patients to know how to be mindful in their own bodies and learn self-management and self-care techniques.  She wants to help those who want to learn how to help themselves.  

Manual Therapy:  

Joint mobilization, functional manual therapy techniques, counter-strain techniques, gua sha, cupping.  

Orthopedic Care:

Joint pain, Neck and Low Back pain, Fibromyalgia, sprain/strains, arthritis, overuse injuries, post-surgical care (shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, elbows, back, necks)

Pelvic floor Rehab:

Biofeedback training, pelvic pain, incontinence training, post-surgical care (c-section, hysterectomy, prostatectomy, ect..), pre/post natal care, Diastasis Recti