Group Classes …Mat based classes using pilates toys 



This class is for anyone looking to reconnect to their body again.  Movement instruction provided  to improve your posture, balance and mechanics to reduce pain and increased confidence with every day activities. 


Bone  Safe

for osteoporosis

This class is targeted for those with Osteoporosis & Osteopenia or anyone looking to build stronger bones.  Movements will challenge all areas of the body to help build bones but not damage them.  

Spine Safe

for  disc/stenosis

This class is targeted for those suffering from spinal pain neck or back pain. This pain maybe a result of spinal stenosis, disc conditions or degeneration.  You will gain fitness while learning neutral spine and spinal holding patterns that can help reduce your aches and pains





Boise Pilates, Prenatal, postnatal , pregnancy

Baby & Mama Safe


This class is targeted for those who are pregnant or have had a baby in the last year and want to gain, regain, maintain their fitness based on all the exciting changes that have happened in the body.  





Pelvic floor

Gain Control

This class is targeted for men or women who have pain and/or weakness in the pelvic floor, which may affect bowel/bladder control and sexual function.   Learn ways to strengthen and relax the pelvic floor to reduce incontinence and pelvic pain. 






Tone, tighten, lift

This class is targeted for those who wish to make greater gains in strength and stability to their lower half  and tone, lift, tighten the legs, butt and belly to improve overall physique.  This is also a great class for those who have had hip/knee surgery and have completed a PT rehab program and just want more fitness.