Group Classes (6-8 persons)

(1) Session———–$19

(6) Sessions——-$102 ($17/session)

(12) Sessions——$180 ($15/session)

*New Clients must have three (3) introductory solo sessions prior to joining any group classes*

Locate group classes and times on VAGARO:

Duets/Triplets (2-3 persons)

(1) Session———–$45 per person

(6) Sessions—-$240 ($40/session pp)

(12) Sessions—$420 ($35/session pp)

+Private Duet Sessions available for additional charge: $110 (1), $630 (6), $1200 (12)

++Find a friend/family member to decrease the cost, so sessions with full access to all Pilates equipment and high quality movement instruction can be as low as $35/session per person++

(By appointment only)

*I currently schedule these sessions to ensure a good match for people of times and abilities. 

Solo Sessions

(1) Session———–$80

(6) Sessions——-$450 ($75/session)

(12) Sessions——$840 ($70/session)

Introductory Sessions for NEW CLIENTS ONLY:

(3) Sessions—— $195  ($65/session)

(By appointment only)

*All clients who are new to TheraFit Pilates are required to take at least   3 introductory solo sessions before joining any group classes or before joining any duet/triplet sessions.

**TheraFit Pilates has a 24-hour cancellation policy. If movement session is not cancelled 24 hours or more in advance or if client does not show for the scheduled movement session the full value of the movement session will be charged to client.

***Sessions will expire 6 months from the day they were purchased.  You can place a freeze on your sessions/classes for medical reasons, but this has to be done in advance of them expiring.  Expired sessions/classes can be renewed by purchasing the same package that expired or one of greater value (I.e. …so if you bought a 6 pack, and 3 of your 6 pack classes/sessions expired, you will have to buy another 6 pack of the same classes/sessions (or one of greater value) to renew those that have expired).

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